Red Brick Coronado

I am, at heart, a fixer. Whether it be friends, cars, or especially houses, I want - and need - to breath new life into things. It's what I do. It's my compulsion. As I was scouting new projects, this neighborhood - the Coronado Historic Neighborhood - tugged on those heart strings. So the hunt began for the next project.

With this project, I really wanted to pay tribute to the historic context and detailing, while bringing modern sensibilities and conveniences to the new homeowners. Too often, homeowners are scared of older homes: bad wiring, old plumbing, tiny kitchens, and shower heads installed way too low. For this project, we fixed all that: historic charm, modern pleasures, no compromising.


For this project, we designed a unique tub and shower combination for the master bath, while bringing a distinct industrial chicness to the hall bath. The kitchen takes advantage of the newly open floor plan with a waterfall countertop, floating shelves and rope lighting fixtures you won't find down the street.

It is easy to pick a nice material for a countertop, but it takes attention to get the details right. The bathrooms both have floating cabinets for a modern feel. The custom barn door uses to chevron pattern that ties into the herringbone backsplash of the kitchen. We left the former exterior red bricks exposed in the dining room, including the little milk box.

The details don't stop outside either. Cafe lights, a built-in grill and bocce court means homeowners have incredible options for living indoors and outdoors.

This was an incredible project and I'm glad to turn it over to the homeowners. This neighborhood hasn't seen the last of me.



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